East Town Petroleum & Chemicals Ltd. was initiated in 1978. Our Chairman Mr. Chiu has been in the Import/Export Commerce for over thirty years; with the perspective proficiency he has established one of the foremost corporations.

We are one of the import and export petrochemical corporations for ChinaPetroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC), in relation to products of ParaffinWax, Special Wax, along with all kinds of Petrochemical products, meant for aone-stop shop trade service.

East Town establishment in China ahead of time, opening vision towardinternational, business associates spread worldwide. We firmed embark on theroad of industrialization,internationalizationand conglomeration on the basesof international orientation, putting foreign trade in the lad and improving economic results. Strict on the bases of “Mutual benefit and intergrowth adhere to the contract and stress prestige.” East Town desires to provide domestic and foreign friends with best services.